Payment in cash

Of course it is possible to pay for (part of) your booking with cash. Make sure you have the appropriate amount in an open envelope. You hand this over to her at the beginning of the booking. We accept Euros, USD or GBP. If you pay via USD or GBP, we calculate the exchange rate for that day plus additional bank and exchange fees and round off the rate. Always inform us about this in advance. Our escorts do not carry any change.


Payment by bank transfer

When paying by bank transfer, you must at least take into account a processing of 1 working day and from foreign accounts with a processing of 5 working days. Payment via the bank afterwards is not possible.

There is no surcharge for this payment method.


Payment via pin

Our escort ladies are provided with a mobile pin machine. You can pin with her at the beginning of the booking. 

Upon arrival, the escort will verify your card details and identification. We accept all Dutch debit cards and foreign debit cards with maestro logo.

Payment by credit card

The mobile devices that the escort ladies carry are also suitable for payment by credit card. We only accept payments from Visa and Mastercard, provided the name on the card matches yours and the card is signed. 

Payment possibilities